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About us

Our many years of experience with software projects of various natures and scopes have taught us to deal with great complexity and always to keep the user in sight as the decisive success factor. Alongside our technical and analytical skills, we therefore place particular value on openness and flexibility in our team, both in the way we think and the way we act. Even if knowledge and experience are essential factors for the success of IT projects, every project contains new challenges, which require new solution paths and new answers.


Based on the principles of agile software development, a clear system of values guides us in our work: people and interactions are more important to us than processes and tools. Functioning software is more important than excessive documentation. Collaboration with our customers is more important to us than asserting our own position. And last but not least: the ability to react to change is more productive than following an inflexible plan. All of these values serve a united target, namely developing convincing and functional solutions for the specific requirements of our customers – sustainable, reliable, on time and on budget.


• Founding as Getslash GbR 2007

• Change of coporate form to Getslash GmbH 2009

• Relocation to bigger offices in Oelde 2010

• Relocation to new and again bigger offices at Hermann-Johenning-Platz 2 in Oelde 2016

Managing Directors

For us, the whole is much more than the sum of its parts. IT project work and software development are interdisciplinary and cooperative by their nature. In order to develop the best possible solution for specific requirements, we actively use the synergies that result from the personalities, experiences and special knowledge of all members of our development team.

Andre Peitz

Executive Partner

Tobias Hanisch

Executive Partner

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