Company culture

What we stand for

At Getslash we live by our values. They are a compass for our performance and the stories we tell when asked about our business.

Vision & Mission


Our vision is to lead the way to the future of unique guest experiences, enriching cruise vacations around the world, as the industries most customer-centric and flexible technology company.



We strive to make a significant contribution to the cruise industry by creating, and delivering innovative technology products that enable unique guest experiences and advance our customer’s profitability, sustainability, and service goals.

Brand values

At Getslash we live by our values, which define us as a trustworthy, professional, and authentic company. They are a compass for our performance, and the stories we tell when asked about our business. Focusing entirely on the cruise industry, we are committed to the very best standards, and are guided by the following values:

Cruise is our home

We are fully committed to the cruise industry. Many years of collaboration, and lessons learned have enabled us to gain extensive experience in that particular field. Combined with our profound knowledge about technology, we strive to be the first choice in guest-facing cruise IT. Ultimately, we love what we do, and are passionate about engineering guest experiences that amaze.

Your need – our passion

As a modern, forward-thinking company, flexibility is part of our DNA. This empowers us to easily adapt to future trends and customer needs. Whatever the challenge, we seek ways to tackle it creatively and to discover practical solutions to complex problems. Our modular, in-house product approach allows tailor-made customization to individual needs while reducing dependencies on third-party technologies. Furthermore, our dynamic project, and support approaches qualify us to achieve better results faster.

We are companions

In contrast to a classic customer-supplier relationship, we see our customers and suppliers as equal partners. Our goal is to build strategic, long-term partnerships based on quality, transparency, fairness, and trust. That’s why we are willing to sacrifice short-term results to invest in long-term value. We are always open to feedback and ideas from the community and strive to solve every challenge together.


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