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TV rollout and inventory support

Getting the iTV deployment started the Getslash way takes all your burden away and ensures a successful implementation.


CruiseCompanion TV requires an inventory and setup process to assign each TV unit to a stateroom enabling you to manage devices within CruiseCompanion Control. Going from stateroom to stateroom also helps to verify that there are no overall issues. This manual labor depends on the overall number of TVs. Before our TV rollout team can get to work, TVs need to be mounted and connected to power supply and network.

The TV rollout and inventory process per stateroom consists of the following steps:

  • Loading of required settings from USB stick on TV (install firmware update if necessary)
  • Restart and inventory TV (e.g. capture TV model, assign TV to stateroom)
  • Restart, testing and TV troubleshooting
  • Documentation of results



Our TV rollout and inventory services follow a turn-key approach that provides you with a comprehensive overview of the overall vessel status and documents any observed issues. Beyond the regular TV rollout and inventory services, the turn-key approach enables a transparent status per stateroom and includes:

  • Management of and communication with other third-party companies incl. yard staff, stateroom construction staff, network staff, hardware staff, etc.
  • Documentation and reporting of issues including power, network and hardware issues
  • Holistic troubleshooting and fixing
  • Support with cabling if issues arise
  • Network measurement, detection and remedy of issues in collaboration with IT

Turnkey service package

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