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They are the figurehead and point of contact between guests and your brand: guest-facing IT systems. Since you know how important the corporate design is for your brand, you do not want to make any compromises. You need a system that precisely implements your branding guidelines and thus sustainably supports brand recognition. But it is not that easy to find a system that meets your needs one hundred percent.



You want to create a guest experience that stands out. You know it’s mostly the little things that make the difference: Listening to your favorite music while calling up information about the itinerary or checking your own onboard account. Booking the next shore excursion or evening event comfortably from the sun deck. So far, you haven’t found any provider that meets all your requirements. Your solution of choice should not only be flexibly customizable but also be a core asset of your future-proof technology strategy.



Finding a vendor that can provide the features you want is not the problem. Your challenge is finding a vendor that is flexible enough to implement your unique requirements. Most systems are limited in their customization options, and there is hardly any possibility to bring in your own ideas and individual wishes.



For your guests, CruiseCompanion is a digital traveling companion delivering unique experiences before, during and after their vacation. For your company, the pioneering platform supports flexible customization to your brand identity, personalization on guest level and integration of various content and data services. Build guest relationships for a lifetime, increase brand awareness, and create additional revenues while realizing operational efficiencies.


CruiseCompanion provides the following features for guests:

Video on Demand

CruiseCompanion offers the unique possibility of bookmarking video files across Touchpoints. As a result, users can benefit from starting a movie on their mobile device and resuming it in the comfort of their stateroom on the TV or vice versa.

Live TV

The Live TV feature provides guests with live TV programs. The TV programs are fed as IP-based TV channels on UDP multicast groups into the IP network and distributed to the TVs as a multicast signal.

Daily Planner & My Calendar

The Daily Planner feature reflects the daily activities at a glance. The available onboard activities will be displayed per day with additional information such as description, time and venue. Guests can easily add single activities to their personal calendar. In addition, the calendar can display pre-booked items (pre-cruise bookings) and onboard bookings such as shore excursions or restaurant reservations.

Audio on Demand

The Audio on Demand (AoD) feature provides the available audio content (e.g. music albums) as a media library. Guests can listen to their favorite tunes anywhere and anytime.

Newspapers, Magazines and PDFs

The Newspaper and Magazines feature provides the available reading material (e.g. newspapers, magazines, own reading material) as a media library. CruiseCompanion already supports the integration of various newspaper and magazine providers like PressReader, Media Carrier or iKiosk. New reading material can be added to the media library via a predefined and automated import process.

Room Service

The Room Service feature enables users to request room service items to their staterooms. Guests will be enabled to select items from the menu, modify the request, select quantities and the respective time, view the summary with the option to individualize the request and send the request.

Information Pages

Information Pages serve informational purposes and use the complete variety of content (e.g. text, image, video) in standardized responsively designed templates. There are multiple Information Page templates available that can be used out-of-the-box.

  • System Start
  • Header Bar
  • Welcome Page
  • Safety Video
  • Login & Authentication
  • Dashboard & Off-Canvas Menu
  • Sub-Dashboard
  • My Profile & Settings
  • Multi Language
  • Advertising & Promotions
  • General Alarm (GA) & Public Announcement (PA)
  • Information Pages
  • PDF Library
  • Image Gallery
  • Deck Plans
  • Daily Planner (Onboard Activities)
  • My Calendar
  • Daily News
  • Itinerary & Weather
  • Sea Map
  • Live TV (IPTV)
  • Video on Demand
  • Parental Control
  • Audio on Demand
  • Newspapers & Magazines
  • Games
Guest Services and Transactional

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