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Project approach

We are familiar with the challenges and time constraints of newbuilding projects and retrofitting of existing ships during dry dock or ongoing service.

Our project management process 

Our experienced team of experts as well as our professional and reliable project methodology safeguard your investment in time, in budget and in quality. The time frame, course, and the scope of the project are flexible and can be customized to your needs.


Our project management process

Our project approach consists of two main parts. During the customization project – DISCOVER, DESIGN and DEVELOP phases –, our products are customized to your individual requirements. During the implementation project – DEPLOY and DELIGHT phases – we will implement your customized solution on each ship and support you post-implementation.


During the DISCOVER phase we consult you along the way, from idea generation to your final requirements. This includes discussing your processes, determining your requirements for any existing or new features, as well as any third-party systems that need to be integrated.



We understand that you love your brand. Therefore, we will create an individual solution design based on your requirements, corporate identity and visual design guidelines. By branding all applications across touchpoints accordingly, our products facilitate a holistic marketing approach. We strengthen the brand awareness, create innovative ways of service and deliver direct communication channels with your guests.



Customization of the User Interface (UI) as well as the software functionality will be based on the approved scope. The solution setup includes for example implementing the menu tree and navigation structure, assigning user rights, and configuring the admin tools. In addition, we will initially load your defined content material such as multimedia content, texts, PDFs, images, icons or videos into our platform. Subsequently quality assurance and testing will be performed.



The goals of the implementation phases are to plan, deploy and commission our products on each of the contracted ships according to the mutually agreed timelines. We consider pre- and post-implementation support for each ship deployment key for a successful project. The DEPLOY phase either takes place at the shipyard or on board of the ship while in active service.



To make the go-live phase as smooth and stable as possible, we will provide comprehensive training. The “Train-the-Trainer” approach familiarizes your staff with our solution(s) and prepares them for day to day operations once our products are finally accepted. For the first voyage after system deployment and successful User Acceptance Test (UAT) on each ship, we will provide onboard support, troubleshoot and solve any issues that prevent our products from performing as expected.


  • We are familiar with challenges and time constraints of newbuilding and retrofitting projects
  • We’ve learned our lessons and made lots of experiences in delivering large scale projects
  • We use a professional and reliable project methodology
  • We have profound knowledge about industry-specific characteristics

We safeguard your investments and project in scope, time, budget and quality!


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