Our services

Support and maintenance

Implementing a solution is one thing, having a competent and reliable partner, who is there for you when you need it – that’s another story.

Reliable partner ahead

We offer different support services and regularly provide new releases of our software, so you can focus on your guests – knowing you have a strong partner you can rely on.


Skilled crew for first class customer service

Our team of well-qualified experts provide advice and assistance via e-mail and phone. We would like to emphasize that our Germany-based support organization consists of experienced and skilled employees. They are familiar with our solutions and thus are able to resolve any issues quickly. This approach focuses on first-class customer service, high quality and quick incident resolution times, reducing additional efforts for you and your staff.


Always a step ahead with new releases

Our product team is working hard to regularly launch new functionality. New releases are critical to providing customers with a complete product experience, in which every customer touchpoint is optimized to deliver the best holistic experience possible.

Under our support and maintenance agreement you will benefit from continuous improvements and enhancements of our software enabling you to stay at the leading edge of technology. Our ops team is trained to schedule update windows during low-activity periods ensuring minimum impact on guests.


  • Help for self-help: Our non-technical tools require minimum efforts from your team
  • Support made in Germany: We offer you first class customer service, high quality and quick incident resolution times
  • Our experienced and skillful employees know our solutions inside out
  • Stay ahead of your competition by continuous new releases

Our value-added solutions and services lead to lower total cost of ownership (TCO) over time!


Turnkey service package

Our customer-friendly services perfectly complement our unique product portfolio. Curious to know more?