At Getslash GmbH, we don’t just deliver infotainment solutions for the maritime industry, we curate exceptional experiences. We achieve this through a symphony of partnerships, each playing a vital role in crafting unforgettable voyages for cruise passengers. 

Setting the mood with Radiopark GmbH 

Imagine a world where the very air on a cruise ship stirs your emotions. Radiopark GmbH, our partner in audio solutions, makes this a reality. They provide custom-made music concepts and curate on-demand content that perfectly complements the ambiance of each voyage. Their diverse library ensures there's something for everyone, from calming melodies to upbeat soundtracks.

Intuitive control with ruwido austria gmbh 

Technology is the backbone of our solutions, and ruwido austria gmbh ensures it remains user-friendly. Since 1969, they've been crafting beautifully designed and highly functional IR/BLE remote controls. Their dedication to usability has earned them a market-leading position, and their bespoke creations perfectly complement Getslash's infotainment systems.

Videlio-FUNA: where tech meets entertainment 

Videlio-FUNA brings the magic of seamless IT integration to the high seas. Their expertise in video collaboration, streaming solutions, and smart cabin control systems perfectly complements Getslash's deep understanding of the cruise industry. Together, we empower crew, elevate the passenger experience, and optimize operations for a truly seamless journey.

Hollywood sails with Swank Motion Pictures 

Swank Motion Pictures, a cinematic titan since 1937, has partnered with Getslash to bring the enchantment of Hollywood onto cruise ships. Through a seamless interface, Swank's extensive movie library is effortlessly licensed and distributed, transforming evenings at sea into captivating cinematic voyages. This partnership ensures that passengers can experience the magic of cinema in its purest form.

LG Electronics: innovation on display 

From sleek in-room TVs to interactive public screens, LG Electronics boasts a treasure trove of innovative displays. Getslash, with its intuitive iTV solution, seamlessly integrates these displays into any cruise liner. This collaboration has made Getslash a trusted reseller of LG's Smart TVs, offering the perfect entertainment solution for every stateroom and crew cabin. Together, we weave a tapestry of comfort, entertainment, and technological delight for passengers and crew alike.

This presentation dives deep into the incredible network of partners that empowers Getslash GmbH to curate unforgettable voyages for cruise passengers worldwide. We would like to thank all of our partners for the trust they have placed in our products and in our company.