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Clara Tenkhoff Clara Tenkhoff Feb 10, 2023



As we are always expanding our product range, we have launched a new product as an extension of the CruiseCompanion Mobile Solution. Crew iTV is an innovative solution to improve crew welfare.   

CruiseCompanion is the cruise industry’s most advanced guest experience platform that delivers endless possibilities to create comfortable and convenient onboard guest experiences across all devices.Within our CruiseCompanion ecosystem, we have developed a range of mobile solutions that address specific challenges.   

Our Mobile Solutions will help you to offer more flexibility and choices that improve the guest experience and crew welfare. Ultimately, everyone on board can consume information and entertainment content or place service requests anywhere and anytime from their mobile device of choice.   

While previous mobile solutions have focused on enhancing the guest experience on cruise ships, CruiseCompanion Crew iTV is an evolution of crew welfare. It is a fully customized tablet app to enhance the working experience of your crew staff. They can consume entertainment content (Video on Demand and Live TV) in their free time without disturbing other crew members while they want to sleep, rest or consume other media. Furthermore, CruiseCompanion Crew iTV is a cost-efficient alternative to classic cabin TVs because it saves material and labor costs for cabling. This is especially important in refurbishing projects of older vessels without ethernet cabling.   

Additional features are capabilities such as an interactive survey to collect crew feedback, as well as the possibility to provide your crew with informational and organizational content around the clock. Potentially upcoming issues can be solved remotely or by the crew contacting the support staff. In the future, it will also be possible to offer crew training via Crew iTV.  

To find out more about our products, their enhancements, or applications, visit us at https://www.getslash.de/our-products/. 


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