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Nadja Augstein Nadja Augstein Sep 13, 2022

We were finally celebrating Getslash Summer Party Again!

Last Thursday on September 8th, we celebrated our long-awaited summer party. Due to Corona we could only meet within a small circle of people and without family, clients and partners. Nonetheless we spent a funny evening true to the motto: “Spanish Fiesta!” Our office was decorated with spanish colors and accessories and the mediterrean buffet was the cherry on the top.

We started our day with the first company wide meeting in presence since corona. We shared a lot of important information and some colleagues got to know each other in person for the first time. Our new marketing employee was also directly involved in the company’s processes and was introduced to all her new co-workers during the evening.

Everyone was invited to dress true to the motto and a competition was held to find the best accessory. The winner – who wore a carpet-based colourful poncho – got the honor to smash a piñata filled with sweets.

We ended the day together in our outdoor area at the idyllic pond, with very good food, spanish drinks and great music – also we had many interesting conversations, a relaxed atmosphere and enjoyed the company of each other.

It was a feast for us – in the truest sense!

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